Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

It's been a while since I blogged. A friend of mine just got a blog, so I was inspired to write.

I created this a year or so ago to blog about books and topics that come up in books to discuss. Currently I'm reading the In Death series. I'm on book 19 of 32; so, close to being caught up. They are all murder mysteries though that involve the same general people, just different crimes. And there's really not much to blog about with that, without ruining the series. I do recommend it though :]

My daughter, Olivia, just turned two last week. Time flies! She is in a gymnastics class and she loves it. She does so well with following directions and doing the moves. I was surprised at how well she could do some stuff, especially the balance beam. She can't quite do it on her own, but I don't totally support her on it either. For two years old, she does really well. She's so damn smart too. She knows all of her colors, she can count with litte guidance from one to six. It's amazing because most two year olds aren't that advanced. Her speech is developing so quickly. She is forming sentences now, longer than two words and just like two weeks ago she wasn't doing that. But, she knows what she wants. She has an attitude from hell, but she won't be a pushover that's for sure. She's like a little Ashli. I love her.

Re-reading some of my old posts, I was dumb. Thanks to those screwed-up relationships, I do not ever want to get married. The idea of marriage sounds great, but in reality, who, in their right mind, gets married? When I decided to have Olivia, I decided to be tied-down to her. I made a committment, as her mother. Therefore, she is my life-long obligation, by choice. I do not regret that decision at all. However, after dealing with enough assholes and seeing how much effort goes into making a committment, I do NOT want to be tied down to someone else. I have one person, that's enough. I want to be able to walk away when I want, not have to do paperwork and split assests. What's the point? Plus all men are liars. If a guy ever tells you he doesn't lie, he's obviously lying. Why deal with that nonsense too. And cheating. Lots of men have affairs. If you are my boyfriend and you cheat on me, fine. But if you are my husband and we stood before our family, friends, and God, and made a committment and you cheat on me, that's just plain embarrasing. So no, screw that. And women are so dumb to fall for men. Men are definetly the smarter species in this world.

And on that note, it's bedtime. Goodnight kiddies.

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